Welcome back!

Nursery have had a fantastic week back at Nursery after half term!  They have settled back in to the routines well and have been behaving beautifully.  Please continue to bring in any stars or certificates that you have completed at home, so that we can recognise and praise this at Nursery.  The children have been engaging in lots of art activities this week. They have been excited to create some firework pictures using a variety of resources and some children have also made poppies after we spoke about Remembrance Sunday.

Many thanks to all the parents who came to our Early Years Reading evening yesterday, I hope you found it useful. Next Thursday will be the Maths curriculum evening, please speak to me if there are any particular activities or concepts you would like me to focus on during this.

From next week we will be having ‘rolling snack’ instead of ‘group snack’. This means that during Child Initiated Learning time they will be able to choose when to have their drink and snack. This helps them to recognise when they are feeling hungry or thirsty and develops their independence skills. The member of staff in the green room will be supervising them when they are having their snack. We would really appreciate some help to prepare the snack in the mornings. If anyone is available to help for 10 -15 minutes any morning next week, please let a member of Nursery staff know.

Nursery will be having a ‘show and share’ session for parents or carers to come to. The children will be able to share their Learning Journals with you and show you what they have been doing.  There will be two show and share sessions, the first one is next Tuesday 13th November 2.30 – 2.45pm (this will just be for the children who do the afternoon session). The second session is open to everyone and will be on Friday 23rd November 11.30 – 11.45am.

Many thanks,

Miss Bowie