Year Five – 23.11.2018

We have had another exciting week in Year 5. This week our English has focused on writing newspaper articles using The Lighthouse as a stimulus. Within this the children have concentrated on using inverted commas (Speech marks) to highlight quotes. There is a correct way of doing this as shown in this example;

Lighthouse keeper, Mr. Sol, reported, “This was nearly a horrendous disaster!”

In Maths we have been looking at solving problems involving knowledge of key facts, number patterns and number sequences.

Next week we will be starting our work on A Christmas Carol. To do this we will be using BBC Schools Radio episodes which give an abridged version of the text. We are planning a Victorian Christmas Day in school on Monday 17th December a letter will be sent out with further information.

Maths next week will focus on adding and subtracting using a range of strategies.

Next Friday is the Christmas Fate this year we will be running some stalls slightly differently. Each class has been given a stall to run with the hope that the children will take a lead in running it on the night. We will be setting up a timetable for our class stall next week and we hope as many children will sign up as possible to support.

Mr Price and Mrs Thomas