Da Vinci is in the house!

Greetings to all followers of the Year 2 blog. I hope by now we have all met at doors, windows, on the grounds and in passing. Equally, I hope you feel, as I do, that we have begun the year with a positive learning vibe.

A new year always brings with it new challenges and a certain amount of worry. I think that year two have coped with this very well. Also, the first week back is exhausting and getting back into routines is something of a mountain to climb. I know I am not the most interesting of folk but I do not think I am that boring, despite the torrent of yawns I have witnessed in the afternoon. I am hoping this is due to first week tiredness and not my sense of humour. If so, then they are a tough crowd.

A book of spellings was handed out on Friday and this is to be learnt throughout the week. It does not need to be done by Monday. Next Friday will suffice. Also, the other homework must be back by Wednesday, please. If there is a problem with this, please come and see me – it is not a big issue! In fact, most things can be ironed out, dealt with, explained, thought through and acted upon with communication. If we all talk to each other then our year will run smoothly. We have much to do, learn, sing and express. I look forward to further communication with you all on the good ship Castillo.

Over and out, at ease and as you were.

Miss Castillo