Year 5 Grand Designs!

This week, we have been enhancing our Growth Mindsets and focusing on persistence in the face of adversity! When we are given something that challenges us, do we fall at the first hurdle or do we use the lessons learned to make a better second attempt?

I challenged Year 5 to replicate the Eiffel Tower using only straws and sellotape. This took each group several attempts, with designs ranging from the minuscule to the enormous! With excellent communication and support for their team mates, some groups constructed structures that stayed standing independently, survived the ‘wobble’ test and even made references to the design and decoration.

We finished our autobiographies this and they are incredibly hilarious! We have worked hard to consider audience and I do believe a great amount of exaggeration has been included (much to my own amusement!) Next week, we begin reading Boy: Tales of Childhood- a personal recount of Roald Dahl’s childhood.

Special shoutout to Jack T for receiving Child of the Week- his kindness and consideration of others does not go unnoticed! Well done to Jessica for bringing in additional work from home all about Paris. We enjoyed hearing more about the capital city.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Muncey