It’s Harvest Time

Hi everyone. This week we’ve been busy scouring the school grounds to harvest any plants which may be useful to us. The children delighted in scrambling under the bushes to retrieve the last of the fallen apples. We found an abundance of pears in Copping’s Corner along with raspberries and many herbs, which we crushed and smelt. We talked about the benefits of plants such as eucalyptus which help us to breath more easily when we have a cold and lavender which can help relax us when smelt. This has tied in really well with our work on the body and our senses. Tomorrow we plan to cut up this fruit along with some bought with the snack donations in order to have a harvest picnic under a pretend sukkah – a shelter made of bamboo, in which Jewish people celebrate Sukkot at this time of year. As part of our RE learning this term, we are exploring some festivals celebrated by a selection of religions in our world community.

Today we tried some observational drawing of vegetables with oil pastels and focused mainly on their shape and colour. We also talked about healthy food and how healthy eating keeps our bodies strong and fit. Next week we plan to cook vegetable soup. We would love some help with this one afternoon if anyone has time to spare.

In literacy we continue learning to blend our letters and sounds and we learnt our first digraph this week – ‘ck’ – when two letters make one sound. We’ve focused a great deal this week on encouraging children to mark make in their role play. This has been really successful with many builders making designs and signs outside whilst the doctors and nurses have been busy writing up reports in the hospital.

In math we are learning to recognise the numerals 1-10 and watch how amounts grow when we add one more. The terminology we use is ‘add one’; ‘and one’; and the symbols look like this +1.

Next week we join the whole school with our focus on Creation and will explore our outdoor environment looking at the changes happening in the plants. If you go on an autumn walk this weekend and find some interesting leaves or seeds then please do bring them along for show and tell.

Enjoy our snapshots for the week and have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Lewis