Shepherds in the hood

We are well and truly experiencing the festive fun of Christmas in Year 2! Not only are we fully immersed in our theatrical endeavours but so too, we find ourselves combining the stage with science as we frolic in the world of Christmas science this week.

Our first investigation will be to examine the suitability of certain materials as wrapping paper and paper chains. We will be continuing to work on the production and send out some costume suggestions. Some of these may seem rather odd for a nativity but as we are presenting a rather post modern twist on the nativity, we consider it acceptable to be as daring as the RSC with our 21st century zeitgeist interpretations.

I trust that all has now gone well with Mathletics usernames and passwords. If not, please come and see me and I am sure we can remedy the situation.

I do not think I managed to see all parents so I will take this opportunity to thank you once again for your incredibly kind gifts for my forthcoming nuptials. Myself and Sergeant Davey (otherwise known as Ian) were both deeply moved by your card and presents.

Miss Castillo