White Water Rafting Experience

On Friday the 9th of March, 5 of the year 6 girls(Lydia, Maisie, Zoe, Ruby and Emerson) went white water rafting with Mr Cooper for International Women’s day. When we got there, we got handed our wet suits, special waterproof shoes and blue jackets and put them on with help from Zoe’s mum(Nicola). Once we had struggled on with our outfits, we went to where all the leaders were to put on our helmets and soggy life jackets.

We went down to the edge of the lake to get a safety briefing with a funny man who taught us how to fall off the boat safely. Our boat guide was a different person who was called Marco. He was in the boat with us and he taught us the different commands such as; “get down, lean left, right, forwards and backwards.” Before we could go on the course we had to do a swim test. This involved jumping into the freezing cold water and moving safly down the rapids. When a safety guide shouted for us to swim, we had to swim as fast as we could to the side. We then got to go on the Legacy Course. Marco made the boat surf the waves and nearly made the boat sink. We could also be a mascot at the front of the raft and hold on tightly while the boat was filling up with freezing cold water. We all thought the boat was going to sink so Zoe started singing the Titanic song.

When we got changed out of our wet suits we had a warm shower and our hands looked liked we got sunburn because we were so cold. At the end, we had a talk from a Olympic kayaker and rafter, Lowri Davies, who told us about her life and how she started to become a GB kayaker and rafter.