The eggs have arrived

Just a quick message to say the Living eggs have arrived and will hopefully hatch on Wednesday or Thursday. They are currently keeping cozy and warm at 37 deg C in their incubator. When hatched we will transfer them to the brooding box (24 – 48 hours later) where they will grow. Our eggs this year are white which means the colour of the chicks when they hatch will be slightly different from last year and we will be unable to tell what sex they are. Do keep a close eye on them via the webcam which you can access on this site.

The children have been really excited about their arrival and will begin their chick diaries tomorrow. Here are some words we will be using to describe this process.

Egg tooth – Hard lump at the end of the chick’s beak which it uses to tap the shell from the inside and make a tiny hole

Pipping – When the eggs first begin to hatch

Hatching – When the chick begins to break out of the shell

Dander – sheath over the feathers that breaks away as the chick dries out and the feathers become fluffy

Chick – baby chicken

Hen – female chicken

Cockerel – male chicken

Look at the beautiful Spring pictures the children created to welcome our chicks into the world. We took our inspiration from books we have looked at and going on a Spring walk around the school looking for signs of new beginnings.

Do listen carefully to the webcam as you may hear the chicks peeping from within the egg.