Week 1 Report by Year 6 Sports Ambassadors

Chance to Shine Cricket 

We started off by playing a very fun game where we were split into three groups and we had to pass the ball diagonally to the person opposite us. Once you passed the ball, you had to run to the end of the line. The first team to reach the other end of the playground won. This game was designed to teach us about teamwork and how we all needed to work together to achieve the goal.

The second activity was another catching and throwing game. We had to get ourselves into a circle and then pass the ball round so everyone got it and it ended up back to the first person. The tricky bit was that you were not allowed to pass it to the person next to you so we had to think of ways to make sure we didn’t miss anyone. Again this was working on teamwork and communication.

It was a really fun session and coach Dan made it really enjoyable.